Rustic Furniture Hire Essex

Rustic Furniture Hire Essex

Our Rustic trestle tables are all hand made by us. 6ft x 3ft tables are ideal for 6 guests, 3 on either side. The 3ft width allows plenty of room for formal place setting as well as floral arrangements and table runners as can be seen in the images.

Our tables are lovingly maintained giving a chic look to your wedding or event with no hint of shabby. The classic rustic look does not require a table cloth and as you can see they work perfectly with our antique oak crossback chairs. We do of course have other styles available.

Depending on your vision we also offer round rustic tables. Our 5ft round rustic tables are ideal to seat 8 guests for formal dining. As with our rustic trestle tables the are all had made by us including the wooden legs. They work well on their own or depending on your seating plan can be used with our rustic trestle tables.

Call us on 01473 603310 for a quote and to check availability for your wedding or event. We deliver across Suffolk, Essex and London. We are happy to provide a full set up layout and removal at a time to suit your venue including late removal immediately after your event.

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